Alessandra Aiardo design
Alessandra Aiardo design

Alessandra Aiardo was born in Turin in 1982 and
moved during adolescence in Naples, a city that will form her artistically.
He attended the "Academy di Belle Arti" from the study of painting engraving and photography.
The passion for fashion and design introduce her the world of fashion design.
All that is beautiful, all that is art ... art can be unique and customizable.

This is the "life motive" of the Neapolitan designer.

Every jewelery piece came from an art project, from analysis of the color to the study of the form, to the manipulation of the chosen materials.

The versatility of the objects has enabled the designer to collaborate with photographers, stylists, painters, writers and craftspeople ...
The strength of his creations lies in understanding art 360 degrees, conveying in every piece of history, art, design, fashion and of course, originality.


The site was created with the intent to bring to the attention of all lovers of jewelry and accessories, manufactures high-quality products "exclusively" by hand by the designer Alessandra Aiardo.


Each necklace is made ​​following the design process and craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy,

all products are limited editions and unique pieces can be customized on request.

And it's possible ask the jewelry in platinum, gold, silver and brass.


The passion for art, design and fashion come together to create exclusive and original

the philosophy of the lines of Alessandra Aiardo Design is exclusivity.


every person who wears a necklace should be aware of the uniqueness of the piece chosen.

Enjoy the show with Alessandra Aiardo Design.




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Alessandra Aiardo Design